Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Email from 2/22/10


Before I forget, my new address is:

Elder Matthew Smith
3309 S. Arlington Apt. 28
Toledo, OH 43614

Please send mail to that address until further notice.

I'm glad the baptisms were so good. I think it is way cooler to hear about baptisms when you are on your mission for some reason. (2 cousins got baptized Saturday - Lauren & Sadie)

Sorry you got bucked off, Cody. Lady really is a bad horse. We should probably sell her and get a horse that is more like Candy. Hey dad, what is a Tennessee Foxtrotter? A less active lady in this ward likes horses and hers is a foxtrotter. (Note: Cody just jumped off Lady when he got a little frightened at her behavior.)

The weather has been really nice here - sunny and warm with very few clouds. Until last night when it started snowing again. What a disappointment - I thought we were getting into spring already.

No, we did the shoveling on normal working days. We would just go tracting but instead of talking about the restoration, we would just ask if we could shovel their driveways. We were able to go back and teach a couple people from it, but nothing really came out of it.

Our district is awesome! It's me and Elder Ehlert (who is awesome, hardworking, positive, obedient, diligent, humble, etc) and Elder Farmer (from my MTC district) and his rock-on companion Elder Robison who are in our ward. Also in our district is the Toledo 2nd ward - Elder Talbot (our DL) who is really cool. His companion is Elder Allen, who used to be in my district in Cleveland. Also the ZLs, Elders Page and Hamilton are cool. Our ward is pretty much the same as in cleveland.

Unfortunately the work is still going pretty slow and we're not having much outward success but were working hard and loving it. I have to go like right now so I'll write you a letter and talk more.

Bro. and Sis. Smith from our ward are here in the family history center at the stake center and they say 'hi' (He must have emailed from the family history center at the stake center.)

Elder Matthew Smith