Monday, February 8, 2010

He's in Toledo

Laurent Neu is in MOTAB!!!!!!!! Awesome! I know that guy!

Hello all,

Well, my new companion is Elder Ehlert. He is from Orem, Utah, and he likes shooting. He's pretty cool and he's a good teacher. I am already enjoying serving with him. We are serving in the Toledo 1st ward in the Toledo, Ohio stake. The Toledo 1st ward is a student ward with a whole lot of medical students. (where have I heard this before?) Our area is called "Southland". It is a really small biking area (sound familiar?) and it covers downtown Toledo and the West side of Toledo. (sound familiar again?) It is pretty much like West Cleveland except for there is no rapid and we don't get bus passes. (There's not much public transportation here, I guess.) Also, like when I arrived in Cleveland, we don't really have any solid investigators. (dejavu, anyone?) Not to worry, though: we've been fasting hard, praying hard, and working hard, so we'll find people soon. Elder Farmer from my MTC district is serving in this ward as well, and we get to see eachother like every day since the members usually feed both companionships together. That is pretty cool. We have a lot of really cool elders in our district.

I don't think we can go back to old areas to see baptisms.

Packing stuff up was'nt too hard. I sent a package home with a bunch of stuff, mostly letters, that I couldn't fit. I had accumulated a few things. Yes, my bike went with me.

It sounded like the super bowl had an exciting ending, considering all the shouting from the apartment above us.

I think I've said this before, but isn't it so cool how everybody is going on missions?

That's cool that the swim teams are doing good. Sorry about the roof. What is a stake womens' conference? (hmmm...I thought about it for a minute and I guess its probably a conference for women in the stake...kind of a self-explanatory name. How often do they hold them?

That's cool that Peyton's friend got baptized. Is this the same one you talked about Peyton inviting to activity days a few months ago? Were there many nonmembers at the baptism?

So what is this Kyle guy to whom Crystal is engaged like? What is his daughter like? When you say that Dad says she loved riding Lady are you implying that she didn't really love it and Dad was mistaken?

Sweet! You're finally getting your Book Cliffs elk tag? You've been waiting years for this! You must be so excited to practice shooting and stuff. No, I don't have any advice on sharpshooting, but you might consider asking Delaney.

Well, I'm glad Delaney is taking so many advanced classes. I hope she can keep up with them all. Does she get AP recess? Just remember, it is not necessary for a man to run faster than he is able. Sorry no one at your school is friendly, Delaney. Maybe you should have picked a better school to go to...

Thanks in advance for the package. Actually, now the mission wants you to send stuff to our apartment address, but it's okay to send them to the mission home as well. Unfortunately, I can't remember what zip code we are in, so I'll get that information to you next week.

Good job reading scriptures and going to the temple. Being a missionary sure gives some perspective on prayer and scripture reading, considering how hard we try to convince people to do them, and how devastated we are when they don't. They are missing out on so many blessings, and they don't even realize it.

NO, you most definitely did NOT tell me that Bro. Neu made MoTab! Thanks for telling me now, though. I can't wait for conference!

That's exciting that Cody's eagle project is getting underway.

What are you hoping dad gets you for V-day? He already reloaded 100 7mm shells. What more do you want?

I'm good, the food's good, it's all good.

Love, Elder Smith