Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Entering the MTC

We dropped Matt off at the MTC today. We got there a few minutes early and took some pictures around the entrance of the MTC. We said our goodbyes and exchanged hearty hugs. There were a few tears (mostly female) shed. We then climbed back in the Suburban and made the long trek to the dropoff zone. Matt got out and a sister missionary said that we could all get out and spend a minute or two taking pictures and saying goodby, so we got to go through the process again. And then Matt was escorted into the MTC. He didn't even turn around and watch us leave.

We thought it was funny that on the way home we passed a truck with "MTC Foods" signage.

His address is:
Elder Matthew K. Smith
MTC Mailbox #130
OH-CLE 0818
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Friday, July 24, 2009

Farewell Matt!

Matt's "farewell" will be Sunday, July 26th, at 11:00 a.m. at the Riverton Copperview 2nd Ward. The building is on 2700 West and about 12300 South, on the west side of the street. Matt will be speaking and Delaney will be playing the violin with a friend.

Another young man will be having his farewell at the same time, so we are expecting a lot of people at the meeting. You may want to be there a bit early for a good seat.

An open house will be at our house afterwards.

Our address is:
2978 W 12130 S
Riverton, UT