Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cleveland Ohio!

The call was just opened, and Matt is called to the Ohio, Cleveland mission, English speaking. He leaves on July 29th!

And the winner is.....


What are the odds? According to MapQuest, Matt was off by 561 miles. Maddie's guess of North Carolina was a close 2nd at 573 miles, and Sarah's Boston was 3rd place at 639 miles.

Click here to see a map of everyone's guesses:

Matt: St. Louis
Merrill: Japan
Patty: Australia
Delaney: Thailand
Cody: Bolivia
Peyton: Ecuador
Alex: California
Katie: Ukraine
Savannah: Russia
Maddie: North Carolina
Sadie: Brazil
Karen: England
Sarah: Boston
Fred: Taiwan
Louise: Bourdeaux, France
Kerry: Paraguay
Cole: Brazil
Lori: Spain
Mark: Austria
Randy: Chile
Diane: Albania
Alyssa: South Africa
Lauren: Arizona
Brynlee: Eastern Canada (Quebec)
Grandma Wilson: Ecuador
Louise Wilkinson: Brazil
Butch: Guatemala
Clay: Argentina
Jackie: Singapore
Cassidy: Denmark
Nick: Brazil