Saturday, May 30, 2009

And the winner is.....


What are the odds? According to MapQuest, Matt was off by 561 miles. Maddie's guess of North Carolina was a close 2nd at 573 miles, and Sarah's Boston was 3rd place at 639 miles.

Click here to see a map of everyone's guesses:

Matt: St. Louis
Merrill: Japan
Patty: Australia
Delaney: Thailand
Cody: Bolivia
Peyton: Ecuador
Alex: California
Katie: Ukraine
Savannah: Russia
Maddie: North Carolina
Sadie: Brazil
Karen: England
Sarah: Boston
Fred: Taiwan
Louise: Bourdeaux, France
Kerry: Paraguay
Cole: Brazil
Lori: Spain
Mark: Austria
Randy: Chile
Diane: Albania
Alyssa: South Africa
Lauren: Arizona
Brynlee: Eastern Canada (Quebec)
Grandma Wilson: Ecuador
Louise Wilkinson: Brazil
Butch: Guatemala
Clay: Argentina
Jackie: Singapore
Cassidy: Denmark
Nick: Brazil


  1. Launa guesses Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Austin guesses Maine
    Cayden guesses Boise :-D
    Sean guesses Chile Osorno (with the Penguins)


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