Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Short E-mail and Letter to Diane's Family


Happy Valentines Day!

Sorry I have to be hurried today, but this library closes soon and I have to get off to let another elder email in his weekly report and write his family before it closes. I'm doing good and we've had a pretty good week. Nobody came to church, but we already have commitments from a couple people to come this coming Sunday. We're tracting a lot and we've found a couple people who seem to have potential. Happy baptism day to Lauren and Sadie.

Love, Elder Smith

Dear Diane, Randy & kids,

Well, that nice early spring we were enjoying in Cleveland is either over or doesn't stretch as far as Toledo. We just had a big snowstorm the other day, and are scheduled to get another 6" - 12" tomorrow. Yahoo.

You've probably read on the blog already that I have been transferred to a new area and companion. This area (Toledo - Southland) is pretty much a carbon copy of my last area - a small walking area in the heart of the city, a ward full of medical students, NO investigators from previous missionaries, etc.

So we had a pretty exciting experience at church yesterday. This lady came from New Jersey to get a heart procedure done at the hospital in our area. She was at church yesterday and of course she asked for a blessing. After Sacrament we were walking with her to a classroom so we could administer to her. We opened the class room door, walked in, and as she was coming in the doorway she passed out and collapsed on the floor. I guess she picked the right ward in which to collapse, because those doctor students flocked to her like fat kids to cake.

Yes, smoking is pretty nasty. I had hoped that it was only in Cleveland that everybody smoked, but it looks like it might just be everyone in Ohio, because everybody here in Toledo seems to smoke as well. Too bad.

---continued later that eventing---

Whew! I just got back from a couple hours of walking through the snow and shoveling driveways and my socks are soaked! We need a fireplace at our apartment!

Well, I hope everything is going well for you guys. As always, thanks so much for your support.

Elder Smith