Monday, March 1, 2010

Email from 3/1/10


Thanks for the horse info.

So I'm looking at the picture you sent of 3309 Arlington, and my apartment building is in the picture. The parking lot and building are the UT Medical Center (it's awesome living right next to it, because we can see life flight landing a lot of times), and the brownish long building across the street on the left side of the parking lot is my apartment. I'll double check the address and get back to you, though.

I've received a couple letters - 4 maybe? - , but I can't remember exactly how many were from whom.

Yeah, the Abrahamic Covenant and the blessings associated with it are pretty cool. I recently read a talk/packet thing called "the calling and election of the houe of israel". It was a lot of fun to read about. You should check it out.

Sorry you have to talk in church. Not really, I'm sure it will be a blessing for you. I would check what PMG says about following the prophet if I were you. That's what I usually do for speaking assignments. Also, yesterday in Gospel Principles we were talking about commandments and it was interesting to see that commandments (including those received from modern day prophets and apostles) are blessings. I can't recall exactly where in the DC this quote is from, but it states that the faithful and diligent will be crowned with "blessings, and commandments not a few". see also alma 29:9

Turn signal fluid? I would assume it goes in right next to the headlight fluid.

Good job everybody at dancing, sbo-ness, and basketball. Dad and Peyton need to start playing. I'm really taking a liking to basketball now that we get to play with the zone every p-day.

We haven't found any new investigators this week (we don't count people as new investigators until we have taught them twice), but we had an awesome day yesterday. We had fasted for help finding new investigators who were prepared, and we were very blessed. On Saturday night, we saw that we had a long block of open time with no appointments and decided we could go to a farther-away area of our area where we can't usually take the time to get to. I was unsure if we really wanted to bike that far and spend so much time traveling, but we prayed about it and the Spirit confirmed our plans were what we should do. We followed the plans we made and it was amazing! We tracted a couple streets and nobody was mean to us or slammed doors, and we found like four people who wanted us to come back. Fasting is so cool.

Yes, I'm enjoying the ward and getting fed well. The apartment isn't anything special, but it aint bad.

It's a beautiful day today, but it snowed the other day. The weather has been a bit temperamental, so I'm not sure what the weather will be like in the future. no shoveling lately, but yesterday as we were heading back to the apartment for dinner (members had given us food to take home at church in the morning), we saw some people moving into an apartment across the street from us, so we stopped and helped them.

Elder Matthew Smith