Monday, January 17, 2011

Email from 1/16/11

Hello my dear family!

Since it's MLK day most missionaries aren't going to be able to email today since libraries will be closed, but we get to come to the office!

I'm glad to hear of all the excitement from home. Happy Birthday, Cody! That's about the coolest birthday present I could think of to have your swan mounted. I'm pretty jealous. It's pretty amazing that you and dad are Iron Men, too.

I'm really excited that the Haimin boys are making some progress in coming back - I love seeing families united through becoming active in the church - it makes me so happy. We had a less-active family come out to church this week as a result of our efforts and we were super excited.

I'm sorry I just haven't found time to see a medical examiner yet. We are just always traveling or preparing for meetings with missionaries or exchanging with problematic companionships (or good ones) or busy with something else. We hardly have time to work our area. I've yet to take a lunch break or a full P-day as an assistant. I will try really hard to make time to see one, though. Is there any deadline that I need to keep in mind?

Per your question, yes the ward kind of did realize that they were getting the shaft with the elders working two areas, but they weren't sore about it. They are just really excited to finally have their own missionaries now.

As for Robbie and Esther, I know they came to church last week but not this week. I haven't talked to Elder Fronk recently (Cleveland zone belongs to elder Farmer), but I'll be seeing him today and I'll ask about them.

Well, I've got to be going - Thanks so much for your support (and for your patience when my emails are short!)

Love You MNB!

Elder Matthew Smith