Monday, January 24, 2011

Email 1/24/11

Hello Family!

We've been having a great, busy week, with lots of finding and teaching opportunities with less-active members and their nonmember friends. I'm always surprised at how much more eager less-active members are to give us referrals than the active members. We've been bringing a couple less-active members back as well. What with this area not being really worked for the better part of last year, there has been a lot of potential that we've been able to capitalize on.

I don't think they can really count it as a klondike if they used a big fat wall tent with heaters - that's taking all the fun out of it! Why not take tiny tent and a little 0 degree sleeping bag into a blizzard and dump a 2-liter bottle of water all over it before going to bed in negative 20 degree temperatures? (remember that elk hunting trip, dad?)Get the whole experience! :

Way to plug through and pull out the 4.0, Delaney! I'm really impressed with how well you're handling such a tough class load - well done! I'm glad you're so good at Spanish, too!

Sounds like all the birthday excitement was fun - I'll bet dad is excited to use the bow, blind, and pants - maybe he could use them all at the same time - you'd just have to go on an archery hunting date!

I didn't talk to elder fronk, but the report showed robby, esther, and yazmeyne all came to church and are still set to be baptized in february.

We drive a brand spankin' new 2011 Chevy Colorado

Elder Matthew Smith