Monday, January 10, 2011

Email from 1/10/11


It's a bright, beautiful, sunny day here in Cleveland!

Sorry for the shake-up of emailing on Sunday last week! That shouldn't happen too often. Per your question from last week, you can continue sending mail to the mission office while I am serving here - 2070 w. 117th st. Cleveland, OH 44111.

I have to say that I am pretty well impressed with dad and cody doing an Iron Man! That's a whole lot of dedication! How long is it going to take them to complete it? Are they going to do all of it together?

I'm sad to hear about Grandma Smith's health difficulties. I have a lot of faith in the family being more than supportive in helping her in whatever she needs, though. I'm really grateful to have such an amazing family that looks out for each other and loves each other so much.

It's so much cooler to hear about people getting their mission calls when you're on a mission. Congrtulations to Sis. Clawson! Does she speak Spanish? Is she planning on studying it now or just picking it up in the MTC? May sure is quite the wait, isn't it?

The work is going slowly but well. We have a couple leads for people to teach now, and are making some inroads to get into the homes of some less-active members as well. Elder Farmer and I are basically opening up a new area since when the APs covered Lakewood and N. Olmsted wards almost all of their work was done in Lakewood. That's good for Elder Jensen's new missionary, though - he should have several baptisms this transfer.

It was REALLY WEIRD taking the departures to the airport to go home. I makes me really sad to think that someday I'm going to be the one saying goodbye to President & Sister Sorensen instead of them. I was glad for the opportunity to go to Kirtland with the new arrivals, though. Karl Anderson gave us a tour of the Kirtland temple, as always. Elder and Sister Butterfield (Karen Brito's aunt) were there, as well. It might very well have been their last tour of the temple before they go home.

Way to go on your walking, Mom! How long before you've completed the Iron Man? At 3 miles a day you'd finish a marathon in a week or two - maybe you and Sis. Brito should take up biking and swimming.

So just in case anybody is wondering, missions are pretty much the best thing ever. We were just talking to President Sorensen about how much your misson is totally not a sacrifice at all. I'm really grateful to have recieved the gospel early in my life so that I get to have the opportunity of sharing it with others with all the strength of youth. I can't believe how much my mission has improved me - I never understood at all before what it meant to be purpose-driven. I'm so excited for Cody to go on a mission (and maybe Delaney or Peyton, too, if they can beat all the boys away from them for that long). Have the two of you ever thought about serving a couples mission later in your lives?

Well, it's 5:00, P-day ends at 6:00, and we definitely haven't been able to do any Preparation what with all our AP duties, so LYMNB!

Elder Matthew Smith