Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Christmas Time in the City‏

Hello Everybody,

All the libraries were closed yesterday because of the snow, which is why we're emailing today. I'm not sure when we will get to email next week since our P-day schedule usually changes around holidays.

Mission conference in the Kirtland temple was amazing, as expected. The speakers were inspiring, the music was angelic, and the Spirit was palpable. We had a sacrament meeting and testimony meeting and, of course, sang "The Spirit of God".

Our investigators are progressing pretty well. Chance's baptism will be this Saturday at 5:00. That will no doubt be quite a unique experience. Robbie, Esther, and Yazmeyne will be coming to it, as well as some of Chance's family. Robbie & co. are also doing great - yesterday instead of teaching them we had them teach us the Plan of Salvation as if we were investigators. They did great - I was really impressed! All the aforementioned investigators came to church as well, and they mentioned how things they had learned in their church classes applied to the Book of Mormon chapter they read as a family.

We went to a production of Handel's Messiah put on by 4 Northern Ohio stakes on Sunday (Robbie, Esther, and Yazmeyne came as well). It was super good and exhibited a lot of vocal talent. Everybody enjoyed it, but the drive to Cleveland and back was a little frightful with all the snow. It snowed quite a bit on Sunday here, and I guess it was even worse in Cleveland.

Thanks for the package wiith the Christmas tree - it's nice to have a little bit of Christmas-y-ness in our apartment. No, there's nothing I desperately need. Except maybe some more of those candy-cane hershey's kisses - they were awesome!

I love you all! Thanks for being such great examples and supports. I'm really grateful to have such a great family that I can trust and rely on - it just breaks my heart to see so many people here who don't have that blessing and opportunity.

Elder Matthew Smith