Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello Family!

Sorry this email will be super short because we have to hurry today - the APs will be picking me up and taking me to my new area in a couple hours and there's still some things I need to do to prepare.

I loved talking to everybody yesterday! I'm kind of sad that I only get to talk to you guys one more time on my mission. I never thought I would be so excited about mothers' day!
So I'm being transferred to the Lakewood area (the west suburbs of Cleveland), where I'll be serving in a triple-up for the next week until transfers. My new companions are Elder Farmer and Elder Jensen. Probably Elder Farmer will get transferred next week and then I'll be with E. Jensen. Elder Fronk's new companion is Elder Talbot (who was also his MTC companion, incidentally). The reason for the early transfer is because I'm being called to be an AP and new APs usually serve for a week or two with the old ones to learn the ropes, etc. Sorry I'm not sure what my new address will be - you can send mail to the mission office for now. (2070 w. 117th st, Cleveland, OH 44111)

I'm a little bummed to be leaving before Robbie, Esther, and Yazmeyne's baptisms - I expected to be here for 3 more months or so, but maybe we'll be able to get an investigator to come with us to their baptisms - lakewood and sandusky are only about an hour from each other.

That is REALLY WEIRD that you're buying tickets for a play that I will be home for. Seriously.

I don't know yet how I feel about you picking me up to end my mission - I can see pros and cons. I'll think about it and tell you what I think. Sorry everything's breaking. It reminds me of something Bro. Boggs from our ward said: "Someone told me 'Cheer up! it could always get worse!' So I cheered up, and sure enough, it got worse!"

I love you all and really appreciate your love and support! I continue to grow in my gratitude for having been raised in a gospel-centered home as I see families unknowingly starving for the peace and solace that can only come through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Elder Matthew Smith