Monday, December 6, 2010

Time to fulfill some prophecies...D&C 109, here we come‏

Hello everybody,
Here's a picture of what Elder Fronk did to me while we were wrestling this morning. He was dragging his arm across my face trying to get it on my neck for a choke and it started bleeding. We ended up with a draw today - neither of us could submit the other during two 5-minute rounds.

So we have mission conference at the Kirtland Temple tomorrow. Elder Fronk and I are pretty stoked - we get to speak, we get to have a testimony meeting, and President Sorensen got permission from the area presidency for us to take the sacrament. That's pretty amazing. So Elder Fronk and I are going to get to pass the sacrament in the Kirtland temple. I can't even describe how cool that is!

We've had a truly remarkable week. I wish you could have been there, because I definitely can't describe in a letter how great it is to be a missionary, and especially a missionary serving in Sandusky right now. We've had a lot of success this week and the past weeks, especially in keeping the members involved in all phases of the work. Our investigators' fellowshippers are doing so good! I'm so proud of them! As a result, our investigators feel comfortable at church - so comfortable that a couple of them bore their testimonies in fast and testimony meeting yesterday. Robbie, Esther, and Yazmeyne all came to church - Esther bore her testimony of how the gospel has changed their family's life and brought peace and joy into their home, and of how the Spirit has confirmed to her that this is the truth. I'm so glad that Robbie was there to hear it! By the way, Robbie and Esther have moved their marriage date up to February 12th. Their baptismal date is February 19th, and the plan is for Yazmeyne to be baptized by Robbie the next week, on February 26th. I'm so excited for that family. The ward has done so great at integrating them into the ward family. The girls went to another RS activity this week, Yazmeyne has made friends in Primary that she goes to their house to play with, Robbie is coming tomorrow evening to play volleyball with the Elders' Quorum, Esther sings in the choir - it's just great!

Chance Pete came to church also - his baptism on the 18th is looking good so far. It's going to be interesting since he can't hold his breath or really control his limbs, but we'll manage. He also bore his testimony - I think I've told you about Chance before, but he has a disease that just about cripples him and makes it very difficult to understand his speech until you've gotten used to it for a while. He's a very smart man, though. Anyways, he wheeled up to the front of the church and had his aide stand at the pulpit and translate what he was saying and bore powerful testimony of the healing power of the atonement and forgiveness. It was amazing. He also has great friends in the ward who make him feel at home there and do a great job of fellowshipping him.

Bro. and Sis. Jenkins came to church as well. Sis. Jenkins is trying so hard to quit smoking, and was smoke free as of yesterday (especially since she's been sick this week and starts coughing violently when she tries to smoke). She's having a really tough time with it, though. She could definitely use some extra prayers. (that goes for Robbie and Esther as well)

We're also working with some less-active members. The star right now is Sis. Young - she's a really sweet older lady who's been inactive as long as anybody can remember, but has been showing forth a great effort to come back. She's been at church two weeks straight now, and is making good progress at getting to know the members of the ward.

Yes I remember who Mekeli is - I talked to him at his home a couple times, but didn't put as much effort into reaching out to him as I should have. That's really exciting that he's thinking about a mission. I wish everybody would go on a mission. Missions are like the gospel - they change lives. Congratulate Ryan on his mission call for me.

Talk to you soon,

Elder Matthew Smith