Monday, June 21, 2010

Email from 6/21/2010

Here's some pictures Sis. Ort sent us of Elder O'Donley's "Greenie-meal" If you can't tell, we're having green lasagna, green salad, and green tang.
Hello and happy holidays! I hope your Fathers day and Peyton's birthday party went well. In this ward, all the young women made tye-dye ties for their fathers and the bishopric. They were pretty cool-looking.

Funny story - we were sitting in PEC yesterday with the door open because it gets hot in the bishop's office and nobody else was at the church yet and a young couple walked in looking lost with a marriage certificate in their hands. They peeked in and asked if there was a minister there. We directed them to the bishop and they asked if he would marry them. He said he would so we finished up our meeting and the bishop talked to them for a minute or two and then married them right there in his office between PEC and Sacrament Meeting, with Elder O'Donley and I as witnesses. Afterwards we taught them briefly, got their information, and set a return appointment with them. Bishop Best calls the tye-dye tie his "marriage tie" now.

That's so cool to have the BOM on a nook. Do you take your real scriptures to church, Delaney, or just the nook? Do you have other scriptures on it, too? Good job being the best at clogging, driving, and dating!

It sounds like the big event was a pretty big event. I couldn't help but laugh about you talking with President Beck about your wives being angry for how much you would spend on a shotgun.

So, we actually do have to go to Kirtland today anyways. I was wrong, sorry. If you're working on talks to send, here are a few more requests (some will probably be repeats, I can't remember):
remember lot's wife - Holland
they knew you were coming-Holland?
none were with him-Holland
safety for the soul-Holland
beauty for ashes-Holland?
walls of the mind-Hunter?
the 5 cent lightbulb & L1011 crash talk
Quick to Observe-Bednar

Youth conference sounds pretty cool. What kind of service are you doing at the hospital? We've got Pioneer trek coming up here, so we've been pushing the less-active kids to register for that. The dutch oven cooking sounds great and I would love to hear what Bishop Jacobsen has to say. Sorry you only have two more weeks of school to enjoy, Peyton. I'm sure you'll get by somehow, though. What did you get for your birthday? Did you eat any dove meat?

Below in "quotes" are questions we asked Matt, followed by his answer:

"Thanks for the good rundown on your investigators and less actives you are working

with. We really enjoyed the part of the young lady the sister's were teaching who had seen the light in the faces of the members at church. Did she get baptized as planned? "

Yes, she got baptized on Friday. We took Steven to the baptism and he felt the Spirit and we were able to identify that with him. It was a really good experience.

"Who baptized her since she was taught by the sisters?"

The branch president of her branch baptized her. I don't know him.

"Which of your investigators and less actives came to church today?"

We had a pretty disappointing church attendance yesterday. Steven had to work and a couple of our other committments fell through. Bro. Hanny was at church, though, which makes it all worth it every time.

"How is Steven doing?"

Well. The baptism was a great experience for him. We just wish he had been able to come to church. We've recommitted him to be baptized - now on the 17th of July, and are pushing the Word of Wisdom really hard again. Prayers would be appreciated.

"The Elliots?"

Great. Sis. Elliot usually works on Sundays, but she got next Sunday off specifically so she could come to church. We taught them yesterday and brought the Relief Society President with us to explain the RS and invite her to attend on Sunday. She did great and Bro. and Sis. Elliot both committed to come to church, including RS and Priesthood.

"The Hanny's?"

Awesome!!! Sis. Hanny is now back in town (she went to Atlanta with her dad for a couple days), and they are basically reactivated. We suggested and Bishop agreed that they need callings.

"Caitlyn and her friend?"

Not so good, unfortunately. She called us on Saturday and basically told us that we didn't need to come back. Not sure what happened.

"New investigators?"

The only new investigators we found this week are the ones who got married yesterday. I can't pronounce their names - they are chinese or taiwanese or something. It sounds like "eee" and "jing-lung".

"I also really enjoyed your discussion of the man who asked all the questions. Did he ever ask for another discussion?"

Nobody ever asks us for another discussion, but we sure ask them! He is out of town right now, though, so we'll start working with him in two more weeks or so, hopefully.


Elder Matthew Smith