Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter to Costanza Family on 6/6/10

Dear Diane, Randy, and Family,

Sorry I haven't written in a while - it gets a lot harder when you have to write by hand and don't have a library that will let you print for free. Luckily, a less-active member that we are bringing back gave us this nifty typewriter thing.

Anyways, I'm doing really well here. My companion is awesome but president Sorensen just called a few minutes ago and said that he and I will both be training new missionaries this transfer, so we won't get to stay together any longer. I'm a little bit disappointed, because I've only been with him for about 4 weeks. Usually companions last a little bit longer than that, at least.

Our area is doing well and we are having some pretty good success lately. We have a couple investigators that have baptismal dates and we've seen a lot of success working with the less-active members of our ward, as well. I think the thing that has helped us the most when it comes to motivating people to progress in the gospel is getting people to pray. Our leaders challenged us to ask everyone we teach to say the closing prayer at our lessons and we have seen some miracles come from that. Praying aloud definitely invites the spirit in powerful ways.

Anyways, how is everything going on the home front? School should just about be out, I hope - anything exciting planned for summer activities? How is rocky doing? Is he pretty well house trained by now? I hope so. Have you guys taught him any entertaining tricks yet? Or how to be a good hunting dog? Definitely don't let him hang around Bo, because he needs a better example than that! I'll bet my mom is super excited about her elk hunt! She probably doesn't talk about anything other than that, huh? Help her get psyched up for it, ok?

Elder Smith