Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Email from 4/27/10

Hi, how is everybody?

My week was good. Neither me nor Elder Gullerud is being transferred. That's good. Elder Robison is leaving, though - that's not good.

Good job Cody on your eagle project. Make sure not to take 9 months doing the papers. Good job everyone else on all your sports stuff.

Jim's baptism sounds like it was really cool. 60 people at the baptism isn't too shabby either! How many of them were nonmembers?

Nope, I've never noticed seeing Tony Packo's. I'll watch out for it.

That's funny about being sisters and sisters-in-law both. Tell Sis. Argyle congrats for me!

Hey, you guys should get Zorro shoed so Delaney can ride him. You should also tell Zorro to not take any crap from Candy.

One of our investigators' brother-in-law is getting baptized on Saturday (he's in the 2nd ward). That should be a good teaching tool for her. Sis. Scott came to church Sunday.

Love, Elder Smith