Monday, April 19, 2010

Email from 4/19/2010


My birthday was great, thanks! Thank you everyone for the packages, letters, and cards! No, there aren't really any mission or ohio birthday traditions that I've heard about.

Happy anniversary again! That's pretty cool that you got to go to Ruth's Chris! Was it good? What did you eat? Steak, I hope... Have fun at the Jazz game and Eagle project. Is the Eagle project almost done?

You drew your Bookcliffs elk tag!?!?!? Wow!!! That's so cool! You must be so excited to finally have all that anxious, patient waiting paying off for you! You're going to have a blast! I'll bet you get the biggest elk of anybody on the mountain (how will all the other hunters feel about getting out-hunted by a woman, I wonder?). What are your criteria for an elk? 6 point? 320? Bigger than dad's? Bigger than dad's spike, whose antlers fit in his fannypack? When is the hunt?

Dad got a star wars video? I thought we already had them all... Is that supposed to be a joke or something? I don't get it.

That's so cool that Jim's getting baptized! I'll bet that is really energizing the ward - probably a great opportunity to help people get more missionary-minded. Why is there a volcanic ash cloud over northern europe? (I don't watch the news, remember). I'm glad to hear Jason's back in the MTC. That's exciting. Per Delaney's question, yes, we roleplay just about every day. During Companion Study we plan what lessons we are going to teach people and then practice teaching them those lessons. Also, we usually roleplay in weekly district meetings after the talks and stuff. Sometimes we roleplay at once-per-transfer zone conferences as well. We roleplay a lot. No, we have not been asked to teach the YM or YW lesson. We did do a musical number in primary once, though.

Poor Max, having to stay outside while you mean people wouldn't let him in. That's cool that we got even MORE many do we have now? How many eggs do we get per day? It is weird having to buy eggs here - and they don't taste as good as CFR eggs either. Does CFR have some kind of mail-order catalog that I could order from? How does Zorro get along with Candy and Lady? Where does he fit in the pecking order? I kind of was hoping that he would boss Candy around, just because it would do her good.

This week Bro. Scott came to church again - and this time Sis. Scott came, too! That is the first time I've seen her at church. I was so excited when she said she had got work off on Sunday so she could come to church! (She's in her sixties and she usually works fifteen or more hours each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Wow!) None of our investigators came to church this week, nor are they progressing. You can pray for the Scotts that they will continue to be able to come to church and for Leanne (investigator) - she flamed us at an appointment a couple days ago and we've been unable to reach her since. She has a sister who goes to the 2nd ward and her mom goes to the Perrysburg ward. Also, please pray for Ashley - the other elders in our ward are teaching her. She is an investigator, and her husband is a member who hasn't been active for years, but has been coming recently. Ashley wants to get baptized, but her family is very unsupportive and is holding her back.

Yes, it is almost transfer time again. Transfers are next Wednesday, the 28th. My next email will probably be on Tuesday, not Monday. You should probably start sending mail to the mission office at:

Elder Matthew Smith
2070 W. 117th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

just in case I get transferred so mail doesn't end up coming to this apartment after I leave. No I haven't heard of that restaurant, but I would love to get the name of it so we could check it out. Per your question about how many areas there are in Toledo: Basically there are four, but of course there are more areas that are kind of in different cities and stuff. The four 'main' areas are: Southland (that is us - of course my area is the most always is! The Southland area covers downtown Toledo and a little more. It is relatively small, but kind of big for a walking area.), Holland (our 'sister area' - the other elders in our ward, who have a car. they have everything west and south of us. their area is probably 3 times as big as ours), Point Place (which is to the North of us and also has a bit of Toledo's 'hood' in it. It is probably about the same size as Holland. They are in the Toledo 2nd ward), and Sylvania (North of us and West of Point Place. They are in the 2nd ward as well and about the same size as the other areas. Sylvania is also the zone leaders of Toledo) Besides that, you have missionaries in Perrysburg, which is just across the river from Toledo, Defiance and Wauseon, which are HUGE areas on the western border of the mission, and two sisters' areas at BGSU - Bowling Green State University - one walking and one driving. That's pretty much everybody in the Toledo Zone except for the ones that I forgot. To answer your question more succinctly (spelling?) : there are 8 missionaries actually in Toledo and probably 8-10 more in the outlying areas.
Yeah, Cody, it's frustrating when those "idgets" don't know what's going on. It makes volleyball a bit less fun when you put up a beautiful set right at the net and the next person bumps it over...guess what we did last P-day...

I love you guys!!! Family, friends, extended family, and everybody!

The church is true, the book is blue, and God loves you! (I'll see you in 2)

Read your scriptures, have family prayer, and go to the temple often!!!

Love, Elder Matthew Smith

p.s. guess where we didn't email today...