Monday, April 12, 2010

Email from 4/12/10

Hello! My week was wonderful, thank you for asking. We had zone conference on Tuesday, which is always a delightfully spiritual experience. Yes there are some new investigators - member referrals (the best kind)! I'll tell you about them next week when we've taught them more than just once, though.

Oh, I think I failed to mention in my last email that Tim (from Cleveland) finally quit smoking and got baptized a couple weeks ago! Thanks so much everybody who joined with me and many others in praying for him! I know that our prayers are heard and that they are answered - sometimes with miracles!

Yes it definitely is sad for people to be offended or lose interest or whatever to make them stop coming. And it seems like not long after that they generally stop reading the scriptures as well. It's good to know that they can always come back, though.

Sounds like the eagle project is coming along well. Do we have a date by which it is supposed to be completed? Good job at baseball.

I like Zorro for the horse's name. I can't wait to meet him. Zorro might even be better than Habakkuk.

Thanks for doing my taxes, dad. That price sounds reasonable. How much was my refund?(Note: the price is that Merrill gets to hold their babies when they have them.)

Way to go with blowing your goals out of the water at Disneyland! Sorry you beat your goals by so much, Cody. I'm proud of you for giving the $2 back, Peyton. That's really cool.

Sounds like y'all had a darn tootin' good time with them there farm animals. Hooo-eeee! I'm glad Rocky liked our dogs. How big is he now?

Thanks, I'm sure it'll be a great Thursday. I keep forgetting it's my birthday. The Sacks are feeding us on Thursday and last time Sis. Sacks made Cafe Rio salad and mint brownies. I'm pretty excited for dinner.

So what did you guys think of conference? (I assume you've watched or read it by now) Was priesthood session amazing or what?

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Love you!
Elder Matthew Smith