Monday, January 25, 2010

It's spring in Cleveland?

Hello, happy Monday,

How is everybody doing? Sorry we weren't able to email 'til Wednesday - Monday was a holiday and we had a zone conference on Tuesday. By the way, next week is transfers, so we'll probably email on Tuesday.

Good job everybody on great grades.

Cool presents for Dad. How does the thing in the water make it look like the ducks are feeding? Does it stir up the water or something? Is the new decoy bag any less uncomfortable to carry than the old bags? I remember a lot of walking with an aching back last year when I would go hunting with Bo. Maybe that's just part of the price you have to pay - it probably wouldn't be the same if you weren't sore and achy when you got home.

That's pretty cool that you guys did baptisms on Tuesday. It's also cool that there were a lot of other people there, too. I'm so jealous that you guys get to go to the temple!

Yeah, there are a lot of spanish speakers in our area we can talk to. We go on exchanges with the Spaniards once per transfer (6 weeks). On exchanges, I go with one spaniard and Elder Pickett goes with the other for a day. It is usually a combination of tracting and appointments. Splits are done for training purposes - so we can see somebody else's teaching style and learn from eachother. Every mission leader exchanges with every unit under them once per transfer - APs exchange with zone leaders once per transfer, zone leaders exchange with district leaders once per transfer, and district leaders exchange with everyone in their district (except sisters, if any) once per transfer. So, because Elder Pickett is a district leader, we exchange once with the zone leaders every transfer and once with the spaniards (the only other companionship in our district) every transfer.

We are staying very warm. It feels like Spring right now and it has rained the past couple of days. The hand me down boots are good - and even better because they are free! The suit doesn't fit as well as the ones we bought - the sleeves are a little short - but, again, it is free. And now I don't have to get nice suits all gross, dirty, and wet when I am tracting!

Nobody came to church this week. Tim was sick and Brenda was out of town. Brenda's kids are 12, 10, and 8 maybe? Plus an older one who I think is in prison. They live with their dad & stepmom somewhere in Ohio. Maybe Ashtabula?

Yes, some of the new investigators we found last week are progressing - there is a really cool one named Tasha. She was referred by a recent convert going to the singles ward on the East Side who is preparing to go on a mission. She seems really interested and sincere, so we're pretty excited. Member referrals are always the best.

Chipotle was delicious, yes, but it was not even close to Cafe Rio. That will be high on the bucket list of things to do after I die-probably right after going to the temple. (die=go home in missionary slang).

Sorry you got braces, Cody. That bites. I'm glad you still realize the superiority of Bingham over that other school.

You shouldn't let Delaney remove the BHS parking sticker from the car. Are my spurs still hanging from the mirror?

That's awesome that Sadie and Lauren are getting baptized on the 20th! How are they so old?

IG, FG, IAG (I'm Good, Food's Good, It's All Good)

LYMNB, (Love you most - no battle)
Elder Smith