Friday, October 23, 2009

Letter received October 22nd

Oct. 18, 2009

Dear Family,

Today is Sunday night and I'll be e-mailing you tomorrow, so I'm sorry if I am repetitive.

I am glad you were able to feed the sisters. So, I never really paid attention to the missionary setup in Utah. How many wards does each companionship cover? Here in the Cleveland 1st ward there are two companionships in the ward, but I seem to remember it wasn't like that back home.

I never really thought about if people are nervous to feed us. Maybe they are, but I think that a lot of them have fed the missionaries so many times that they don't even worry about it. maybe I'm wrong though. I never asked. That is really cool that Peyton and another girl both gave them a referral for Summer. That would be exciting.

Because it is getting colder and rainier, we are pretty much done with the bikes for the year. We walk now. Alot! We are tracting more now and getting fewer media referrals. We are hoping that our increased emphasis on family mission plans will yield more member referrals.

So today we went with Bishop Shaw to visit less-active members. That was cool - we found a few families we want to work on reactivating. Perhaps even better, we got to work with the Bishop and continue gaining his trust, which "Preach my Gospel" says is important.

I got to teach another lesson in Spanish the other day. We were tracting a street in the drizzling rain, not having much success. A couple houses up someone came out and stood at the curb with an umbrella, looking like she was waiting for someone to pick her up or something on the other side of the street. We tracked on, but I kept feeling like we needed to talk to her, so we turned around and went over to her. She spoke Spanish, so I had to do all the talking, but I taught her most of the 1st lesson and she agreed to have the "Spaniards" come over and share more with her. That was fun. I just wish I knew more gospel terms in Spanish.

Yesterday was Stake Conference and there were some really good talks. President Sorensen was there and he talked about his testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was much like Elder Holland's talk in general conference. We didn't get to go to the Saturday session, unfortunately.

I haven't had to speak in church yet, just bear my testimony.

Elder Smith