Saturday, October 10, 2009

Letter During General Conference

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hello! I am doing well, as usual. Thank you for your letters and the package. It has arrived just in time to save me from a cold, windy, rainy day, much like it sounds like you are enjoying. The scarf definitely looks missionary-y. Sorry to hear the roof is leaking again. The jerky is really good. You should try it, mom. You can't even taste the lysol. Plus, it is super juicy and not dry like most jerky is. Amazing! How can it be so juicy?

I hope you get the inspiration you are looking for at conference. I can't wait for it! A lot of times Elder Marini and I will listen to old Conference talks or BYU devotional talks if we are at home during lunch or dinner.

I wrote that last night. I am now waiting for Priesthood Session to begin. What a great conference so far, though! I loved the talks! Especially Elder Scott about writing down and praying about inspiration we receive. I hope you have had some ideas about the Relief Society theme. I also really liked Elder Oaks talk about love not overriding the laws or commandments and Elder Bednar's talk about being consistent. I can just see Cody yelling "Peyton is breathing my air!" They were all really good and inspiring. I wish I had payed more attention at past conferences! Well, the Priesthood Session is starting.

Sunday morning now. Priesthood session was good. In case dad hasn't told you yet, mom, they said wives should be nicer to their husbands. (Note from Patty: According to Merrill that is what they say at every priesthood session!) In light of Elder Ballard's talk dad, I thought I should thank you for fostering the kind of relationship that Elder Ballard said is so important. I always loved being alone with you in a car, a plane, a tent, a hunting spot, or wherever so that we could talk about God, people, politics, science, school, animals, or whatever we felt like. I thought everybody had parents they could trust and talk to, and I never realized what a blessing it is. Many of our investigators here have kids but aren't married or aren't living with their spouses. I see young men acting like total punks (yes, I know I was a punk, too, but I wasn't THAT bad) and low-lifes, and I wonder if any of them would act that way if they had been raised by goodly mothers and fathers who had personal, positive relationships with them. Thank you for letting me know that if I was going to act like that or talk like that, it would earn me a few stern words and a swift kick in the rear--or worse--a disappointed and disapproving look. You are doing a good job. Keep it up. I love you.

Sunday night now. Has conference always been this good or have I just never payed attention before? Elder Holland's talk just blew me out of the water. The Spirit was SO strong, too! What a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I could study these conference talks for a month and still be getting stuff out of them.

Well, goodbye. I can't wait to read your email tomorrow!

I love you everyone!

Elder Smith