Saturday, September 5, 2009

Letter to Cody

Dear Cody,

I hope you enjoyed the dedication, thank you for writing. Cleveland is definitely exciting, it is weird to get on the train or bus and me and my companion be two of the three white people on board. It is hard for me to speak black-people-English.

I encouraged mom to hurry up on the room for you (it was the PPPPPS at the end).

My companion is way cool, you would like him. You would like Elder Carter better though; he is like clone of Elder Nestman. Yes, he likes tacos, but he likes burritos better. There are Taco Bell's here too. But, if you really want to really get on his good side, I would send him a Sonic gift card, if they even have those.

Do WELL at school, eat lots of pizza, and paint the cat a different color every day!

Elder Matthew Smith

PS I forgot what I was going to write here.
PPS Oh yeah, you would like Elders Waterman and Brown, too.