Saturday, September 5, 2009

Letter home

Dear Mom and Dad,

Nice to finally hear from you! Diane's letter will probably arrive before this one, but it was really a general letter to everyone and I asked her to share it with you so you can post it on the blog.

It sounds like the dedication was pretty good, if it is available, could you send me the talks that were given?

I hope the Toby Keith concert was fun. Elder Marini likes almost exactly the same kinds of music that I do, which is super cool. We are always singing Garth Brooks songs and other old '90's country songs. Plus we both like a lot of the same rock bands. It is really convenient. (of course we also sing hymns a lot too: we are missionaries, after all) Not only that, but he is way into aviation as well! (Dad: I need you to find out some things for us; because our whole area is underneath the approach course of the two southwest-oriented runways, which are usually in use, 1: what are the runway numbers of those two runways? 2: What tpe of planes does Continental fly? A320's or 737's? 3: Does Cleveland have a weather ASOS number?) Our area is a slant from downtown southwest to the airport so no matter where we go in the area planes are always coming in to land. Elder Marini and I have a lot of fun talking about planes and stuff.

That's cool that you are volunterring at the cannery. I don't think we have a cannery here, but people volunteer at the Bishop's Storehouse I think. Find out who your cousin's son is and where he lives. He might be in my area. My area covers the Cleveland 1st ward, along with the Parma elders (our neighboring area). If you want to find our area on a map of Cleveland, our northern border is Lake Erie, our Eastern border is I-90 until it gets to I-77 then left on I-490 then South then West on I-71, then Sourth on West 130th St then West on I-480 until the Rocky River. Then North up the river, East on I-90 and North up W. 116th to the lake. I will attempt an illustration: (hand-drawn map that also shows the East Cleveland area to the East, and the Parma area to the Southeast, which shows the approximate area of the church there).

On the SD card I am including in this letter you should find a couple pictures of our area map with post-it flags of people we want to visit on it. I hope you can interpret the drawing!

I'm glad you all are having fun with the beautiful water and the new clay pigeon throwers. I hope Cody keeps getting better. When Peyton and Dad went riding up Yellow Fork, was Dad on Candy and Peyton on Lady? Is she ok to ride?

On the SD card there is a picture of a poster that Elder Waterman, our district leader, has hanging up in their room. It shows Master Chief from HALO, and has a diagram of how he is clad in the whole armor of God (D&C 27:15-18). Show it to Cody; he will like it.

I would tell you all about our tour of historic Kirtland the first few days I was here but I am running out of time and I included hat in the letter that Diane is supposed to share with you.

I am eating really well: Yesterday, I had leftover pizza and hot wings for breakfast, nachos for lunch, and pizza for dinner at a member's house. Today for service we were helping someone move and their wife went to McDonalds and ordered a TON of food so I had 3 double cheeseburgers and a ton of fries. Don't worry, neither of these things are typical.

Quick note about the pictures: Up until the picture with two beds and two fans in a room are from the MTC. After that they are from Cleveland. Elder Marini is the last picture on the card. Yes, I know most of the pictures are crappy, but I haven't really had time to read the camera instructions so I'm sorry.

Elder Smith

PS Thanks for the pants. They fit well.
PPS Thanks for the pictures.
PPPS I'd love to hear the story about the paycheck.
PPPPS The picture near the end of 2 guys is Elder Waterman (the bigger one that is squinting) and Elder Brown.
PPPPPS Mom, hurry up on my room.