Friday, February 11, 2011

Email from 2/11/11

Hello Family,

I thought I had better jot off a quick email and apologize for not writing last week.

Sorry I never got around to emailing on Monday - We had a lot of stuff to deal with - there were a couple emergency transfers we had to pick up and take to new areas. But Elder Farmer and I got a new companion out of the deal - Elder Hunt is now serving with us in a triple-up, and we will be tripled up until transfers this coming wednesday when Elder Farmer will be released and I will be serving with Elder Hunt. Elder Hunt is an amazing missionary - a real go-getter. I'm really excited to work with him. Him and Elder Baxter (one of my previous companions) were having a lot of success in Shaker Heights. I'm excited to tell you all about him, but I need to be going here.

Elder Matthew Smith

ps thanks for feeding the sister missionaries. I can't wait to brag to the whole mission that my family is so solid that they skipped the superbowl to feed the missionaries! Who have you thought about to refer to them? By the way, who among our family is not members of the church? Do you think you could get me Bob McGraw's phone number so I could have the Kirtland sisters call him?