Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Email February 15, 2011

Hello Family,

Sorry about the late email last week. Hopefully this one will arrive in a much more timely manner.

So Elder Hunt is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He's the 2nd of 5 Children. He's big into golfing, and played on SUU's golf team and has a spot waiting for him when he goes home. He came out one transfer before me, but had to go home for medical reasons (all resolved now) for six weeks, so he will go home with my transfer. He has one year of school under his belt and is thinking about majoring in economics. He's not a big hunter, but he has hunted birds before. He's a really good missionary and is good at thinking outside the box to get things done. I'm pretty excited to be serving with him.

No, Elder Farmer is not going home. He doesn't go home until August 4th (same time as Elder Hunt and me). APs are more like Seventies than Apostles - they are given emeritus status and put out to pasture after they've served for a while. (although sometimes they die APs instead)

Robbie and Esther's baptism has been postponed until March 12th, and they are on track to be baptized then.

How is the 21 days of praying for a missionary experience going?

Thanks for the 4-gen chart and stories. Now when we go on the tour of the temple tomorrow with the new arrivals I'll have some names when Karl Anderson asks us who from our family was in the Kirtland area. Last time the only one I knew of was Adam.

I'm glad Lauren enjoyed her birthday present so much. And that she was wearing a helmet. When do you think the horses will come home at the Smith Ranch? Is it weird not having them back there?

That's really funny that Cody got a foul for Mom's team. Who was the Ref? It's also really funny for you to call Mom's team the "old lady's team".

No, I haven't scheduled a physical yet. We have transfers this week and zone conferences next week. I'll probably do it sometime. Let me know what BYU says.

Thanks for the valentines' day box. Elders Farmer and Hunt and I have been enjoying all the jerky and goodies.

Well, I'd best be going now. We've got a lot of stuff to take care of before we pick up the new missionaries at the airport this afternoon.

Interesting fact - I've still yet to unpack my stuff from my suitcases after transferring to this area in the end of December.

Thanks for being such a great and supportive and functional family!

Elder Matthew Smith