Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You Stupid Cow!


So conference was amazing!!! I'm worried that sometime if an investigator isn't progressing or something I'll be tempted to yell "you stupid cow!" at them. That might not go over well. I love how funny Pres. Uchtdorf is - he was right - I totally was wondering what tree rings had to do with flying an airplane when he said that. My favorite talks were probably Elder Kearing's (sp?) talk in Priesthood about how flip-flops are inadequate protection in a scorpion-infested desert. I thought it applied very well to Paul's admonition to have our "feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace". I also really liked the one (Elder Oaks', I think) about the personal and priesthood lines of revelation. The one about the power of the Priesthood in healing & addiction recovery and everything was great, and was hopefully a big confidence booster to Bro. and Sis. Jenkins, who were at the session when it was given. My other favorite was probably the Priesthood session talk about how women need to be so much nicer to men. I'm pretty sad that I only get one more general conference as a missionary. That's a depressing thought. The temperature and weather turning sour is kind of a depressing thought, as well.

So I thought I saw Bro. Neu during the Sunday afternoon session - was he in the choir?

Back in Utah can you watch conference at the church or stake center, or do you just have to watch it at home?

The only investigator who came to the church to watch conference was Sis. Jenkins. Esther's daughter was sick so we committed her to watch it at home. Thanks for the advice about the marriage situation. Bro. and Sis. Jenkins are doing really well, by the way. As part of our addiction recovery plan we committed her to get cinnamon candies to eat. We were sitting by them at conference and she handed us some candy. We were pretty excited when we realized that it was cinnamon candy. She has significantly reduced her smoking habit and we're really excited for her. (she is, too). Bro. Jenkins has been dry for a week - also a major accomplishment.

We took a member teaching with us who had recently returned from his mission in Nicaragua. We talked about his mission and what it was all like and stuff. He said the mission goal was two baptisms per week per companionship at the start of his mission, and later on they stopped hardly caring about individuals and had a goal to baptize a family each week. I've heard it said that for every door you knock on in the US, someone gets baptized in South America. Pretty crazy.How does the potato fundraiser work? What do you do with all the potatoes you box? No, I'm not really trying to keep up with Elder Fronk's morning workouts. Mine have gotten a bit more intense from serving with him, I guess.

Transfers is next week so we'll probably email next Tuesday instead of Monday. I expect that I will stay here and not be transferred.

How's everybody's family prayer, scripture study, FHE, family dinners, and everything else going?

Loveymnb, Elder Matthew Smith