Monday, October 18, 2010

Email 10/18/2010

Hello Everybody,

Sorry Lake Powell didn't work out, but the cabin was probably fun. What were the kids up to while Katie and Diane were slaving away and you were getting your foot massage? Where does the new road go? What is Texas sheet cake? How are you doing on the missionary sisters' assignment to find people for them to teach?

How does Sis. Nestman feel having 3 kids out on missions? That seems like it would be pretty tough. Chris is in Prague - remind me where Trevor and Brittany went? By the way, if I remember correctly, I come home on August 4th, in case you were wondering. (not that I'm getting trunked out or anything - you just mentioned that you thought it funny that Chris knew his release date so far in advance. I'm pretty sure I knew that date just about from the get-go.)

Delaney is thinking about going to BYU, huh? That's unexpected. Dad probably just said he'd still love her because he was sick and didn't really understand what was going on.

Investigators are doing alright. Sis. Jenkins was sick and thus absent from church. We've been inviting her hometeacher to come with us to lessons, though, and that is paying off. He overcame all sorts of Word of Wisdom problems in the past, so he was able to really relate to them well. Bro. and Sis. Jenkins are both making progress, albeit slowly, on the word of wisdom.

We've made a little progress with Esther & Robbie. Robbie used to be really standoffish with us, but he's opened up a lot since we invited him to come to the gym with us on P-day. He's really into MMA and would like to learn the Jiu-Jitsu part of it, so he accepted. He liked it a lot and said he thinks he's going to join the gym. He also said that he's going to quit smoking so that he'll be able to keep up with everybody there. After that he was a lot more open with us and even sat in on our next lesson, although he didn't participate too much. The owner of the gym is a somewhat active member, too, so he really appreciated us doing some 'advertising' for him.

Per your questions: we go to jiu-jitsu class once a week (on P-day, obviously). How it compares to karate - it's all about grappling and not so much striking. They're both a lot of fun. Also it's a lot more 'martial' than 'art'. Yes, MMA is why Elder Fronk works out so much.

So I just got an email from my trainer, Elder Marini, stating that he's getting married in December. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Our teachpool has kind of dwindled down to just those 2 investigators that we're really actively teaching, so we're focused on finding now. I kind of miss my last ward where the members were all really excited about missionary work and we had some success with finding through members. This ward really means well and tries hard, too, but the 'core' of leadership in the ward is pretty small, so its usually just the same ten people that are really putting their shoulders to the wheel. I've really been praying hard that we can find some people to teach and baptize that will be able to help the ward out with leadership and build it up.

Keep up the small & simple things! Individual and family scripture study & prayer and FHE are vital! If all our investigators would do that, we'd baptize tons - imagine if all our members would do the same!

LYMNB, Elder Matthew Smith