Thursday, September 9, 2010

One zone to rule them all.....

One Zone to rule them all,
One Zone to find them,
One Zone to teach them all,
And to their families...

I'm back in the Cleveland Zone, baby!!!

Hello Family,

Hope everybody's having fun camping. Sorry this email will have to be super quick since we're short on time.

"We're all curious about where you ended up last week."

I ended up in Sandusky, Ohio. 1413 1/2 Camp St. Sandusky, OH 44870, to be exact.

"Please tell us all about it!"

It's pretty cool - home of Cedar Point and Kalahari waterpark (neither of which we can go to, of course, but oh well)

"Where are you?"

In Sandusky, like I said.

"Big city or small town?"

It's more of a small city. Much bigger than Perry, but much smaller than Cleveland or Toledo.

"Who's your companion?"

Elder Fronk from Tremonton, UT. He's not a hunter, he likes sports like football, basketball, MMA, and weightlifting. He's been out one transfer longer than I have. He's a really good missionary and teacher. He has both older and younger brothers and sisters.

"Car or bike?"


"Lots of investigators in the works?"

Not really. When I got here we had one investigator, but we've yet to get in contact with him, so he's pretty much dropped. We've had some pretty good success finding this week, though, so hopefully there will be more in the works pretty soon.

"What area?"

Sandusky - a little more than an hour west of Cleveland.

"Do you have a leadership position in your new area?"


"Do you like the ward?"


"You know - answer all the things that mothers think are important and you probably don't even care about."

We live in an upstairs apartment above some members of the church. The ward seems to feed us very well. There's one set of sisters in the ward in addition to ourselves. Every P-day we get to go to the Sandusky Fight Club (owned by a member) and learn Jui Jutsu (sp?).

Last Monday was "Zoned Out" - a huge missionary field-day type thing where half of the mission (the other half will go next week) meets at the John Johnson farm to play around for a P-day. I spent most of the time playing football and ultimate frisbee. It was a lot of fun. That's why we couldn't email on Monday. We couldn't email on Tuesday because of leadership training meetings. We couldn't email on Wednesday because we went to the Elyria district's District Meeting. So now it's Thursday and we're finally emailing. Sorry it took so long. Hopefully you got my letter.

How did the chukar taste?

You're welcome for the bracelets, but you can thank the Hofmann family for them.

Elder Matthew Smith