Monday, August 2, 2010

Email from 8/2/2010

Hello all,

Sorry last week's email was rather subpar. I wrote a letter, but then I kept forgetting to put it in the mail, so you'll probably get it today if you haven't yet. Sorry, Mom.

I'm glad that Mom's having dreams about elk hunting. That's a very good sign.

What with all the candy I've recieved in this past week the horses probably aren't the only ones who will be gaining a hundred pounds. Thanks, everybody!

Sorry you had a tough lesson experience, Mom. We get that a lot. I love it when investigators or others we are teaching share comments and experiences, but some of them have bad habits of going WAY off-topic really fast. Some of the members we take teaching with us do the same thing, but not really anybody in this ward, now that I think of it. That was really nice of the Kanistaneauxs to bring cookies, though.

Was it worth eating the tootsie-roll wrapper, Delaney? You didn't have to walk all the way to the secure trash area. You could have just put it in somebody else's tent instead. That way the bears wouldn't bug you. Note: Delaney and another tent mate ate a tootsie roll wrapper instead of getting shoes on and taking it to the locked trailer which held the garbage.

So as we were finishing up our weekly planning session on Thursday we heard somewhat of a commotion in the entry hall of our apartment. (You have to understand the layout of our apartment complex. There are four apartments - two on the 1st floor and 2 on the 2nd floor. The parking lot is around back and every apartment has a porch and a sliding glass door in the back. That's how everybody comes into their apartments. In the front of the building is one door that leads to a shared entry hall that has the front doors to each apartment. I'm not sure if we even have a key to our front door because we never use it.) So we heard a disturbance (whispering, giggling, etc.) and were curious since nobody uses that entrance. We started unlocking the door and heard an "oh, crap!" and the sound of people rushing down the stairs. A look out the window revealed a U-haul with two not-so-unfamiliar personages climbing in. They left candy and doughnuts. Thanks, Lori & Katie!! Good job escaping fast - that was a close one.

Don't feel bad, Mom. I still love you. Note: Hearing that Katie & Lori were so close to Matt made me cry.

I got your package, yes. It was 'halfway decent' - very clever. I especially liked the pictures of everybody holding the sign. I think we're going to have to bike a lot so I don't turn into a big blob of chocolate, considering how much candy we got this week. There was your package, the Lawrence's package, Lori & Katie's package, an investigator gave us a bag of chips ahoy! cookies, and to top it off, we were contacting at a fair this week and after it was over a pastor from another church in the area gave us a grocery bag filled with cookies his church hadn't been able to finish handing out to people at the fair. It's like being in candy heaven. (but probably enamel hell.)

answering questions:

were there changes to our district during transfers?

yes, Siss. Lee and Golightly have new greenies they are training - Siss. Maughn and Decker. So now half of my district is greenies and the other half is trainers.

who came to church, etc.

We had a new investigator at church today named Lisa. She was a former investigator a couple years ago but stopped investigating so we stopped by to see if we could teach her again. She accepted and even came to church for the first time. She had a great experience and had nothing but good comments - especially about Relief Society. She hit it off really well with a couple of the sisters and said she would be coming back next week.

Steven hasn't made much progress with smoking - we're still working on it.

I got your postcard today - it's funny. I love that artist. Thanks for writing!

The church is true, the book is blue, and I'll see you in 2...I mean 1. Kinda kills the rhyme, though.


Elder Matthew Smith