Thursday, August 19, 2010

Email from 8/16/2010

Hello Everybody!

Yep, our week has been great, although it was marred by a lot of appointments being cancelled, which delayed some of the progress we were hoping to make with our investigators. It was good all in all, though. We only had one investigator at church this week. That was Stephanie, who we've been teaching at a member's home. She had a great experience at church and loved the 'ward family' atmosphere. It contrasted starkly against her old church where she goes in, sits down and listens for 45 minutes, and leaves, pretty much without talking to anyone.

I'm really grateful to be serving in such a great ward; the Perry ward is excellent at making new faces feel welcome and at home. I recall a couple weeks ago when Lisa came to church. She was the only african american in the whole congregation and I worried that she might feel out of place or something. Talking with her afterwards, she had the same worry when she walked in, but all the smiling faces and people introducing themselves and making friends dispelled that immediately. This ward is great.

Anyways, Stephanie is reading, praying, and doing great, but we may have a setback with her because she's only 16 and her parents are nervous about her learning about the mormons. Prayers for a softening of heart on behalf of her parents would be appreciated.

Bro. Elliot came to church today, after a couple weeks of missing. Sis. Elliot's work schedule should be changing next month and allowing her to come to church as well. We are really excited about that. They've both shown a great effort in reading and praying and coming to church and we've been really excited to see the progress that they've made.

Good job being the king of the archers, Cody. Now I guess you just have to work on your fishing. Maybe you should have tried archery fishing?

That tent stove idea sounds pretty cool (or warm, as the case may be.) Be careful of Carbon Monoxide.

Good job teaching and listening about temples in sunday school.

Yesterday Sis. Hofmann and Bridgette Hofmann (12) spoke in sacrament about the temple. They were baptized a year or so ago and were recently sealed as a family. Sis. Golightly also spoke about sealing power and forever families. All the talks were great. Bridgette Hofmann had to speak in Primary as well as Sacrament meeting, so Bro. Hofmann was joking about how he had to write three talks - one for his wife and two for his daughter. How did your talk go, Peyton?

Sis. Hill from my district went home on Friday. She's been really sick for the past couple weeks and they haven't been able to figure out the problem. Prayers for her and her trainer, Sis. Carter would be appreciated. Sis. Carter's new companion is Sis. Reed, who is waiting for a visa to Spain. She has been in the mission for 9 weeks.

How's the family reading, prayer, FHE going?

Love, Elder Matthew Smith