Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Last Letter From the MTC

Hello, This is my last P-day at the MTC so next time I get to write I will be in Ohio!
Yes, I did see Elder Mitterling as our district was walking to the temple for our session, and we stopped and talked and took pictures and stuff.
Yeah, after I sent the last letter and got back to my room I realized that Diane's address was on the top of the box, but oh well.
I suspected that the milk consumption at our house would go down after I left, but luckily the MTC has AMCM as well, not to mention ice cream bars and such.
Well that stinks for Delaney I guess, but hopefully whoever she ends up sharing with will be a friend after a while instead of a stranger.
Yes I know what line of authority is, and I was actually going to write you to ask you to look it up for me. I was teaching a lesson with another elder and we were talking about having the authority to baptize and he was able to pull out a card that showed his Aaronic Priesthood line of authority all the way back to Joseph Smith and John the Baptist.
These last few days have been kind of weird for me, because a few things happened:
1. Elder Hyer and I got a new companion, Elder Green, who has been here for 5 or 6 weeks because he had a foot surgery, and will be here a few weeks longer.
2. Elder Hyer went home, so now Elder Green is my companion.
3. Since Elder Green has already had the lessons our district is having, he usually just goes to the Referral Center (a call center at the MTC that people call when they see our TV spots or passalong cards) or helps other teachers teach lessons. Because of this we dont see him very much.
4. So I usually just join another companionship as a threesome for most of the day. Other than Elder Hyer leaving, things are going pretty well. We study a lot and practice teaching a lot. No, we don't practice finding people very much or knocking on doors, mostly it's just teaching.
I really love the devotionals they have on Tuesdays. We (the whole MTC) sing hymns for 15 minutes before they start, and then a general authority comes and talks to us. Last week we got President Bateman, an emeritus seventy and the Provo Temple president, and this week it was Elder Snow, from the 2nd quorum of the seventy. They both had GREAT messages and the Spirit was very strong.
Tell dad that he should have told me how amazing it is to be a missionary!!! If he tried to tell me, he never did it justice! Since I arrived here I have felt the Spirit more often and more strongly than ever before, and I am loving every minute of it. I am also learning the scriptures way better than I have ever known them before, and whatever the question or situation is, it seems like a scripture just jumps into my head that answers it. You guys should definitely study Preach My Gospel in Family Home Evening or sometime, because it is really amazing.
Also, tell dad (and anyone who might want to learn more about the Savior) that he should read Jesus The Christ because it is amazing and full of insight. Well, I'm not sure when my next P-day will be but I will write then.
Also, I heard I might be able to call home from the airport, so that would be cool.
Elder Matthew Smith