Sunday, October 9, 2011


So Mom just got an ipad for her birthday and I got to Skype with the family after some clandestine text-messaging with Cody to get it all set up.  I was reminded of a time on my mission, right after Christmas, when I was talking to a sister missionary about the experience of Skypeing with her family.  She said it was fun but it might not have been a good idea because "You would think I'd be more mature than this since we haven't talked in six months, but most of the time we were just laughing at eachothers' funny faces on the computer."

Here are some of the fun screenshots from our conversation: (not all of them, of course - I had almost 40 pictures by the time we hung up)

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. Matt, What a great college experience you're having!!! And I LOVE the moose warning. That is too funny. I guess it wouldn't be too funny to get trampled by one, but the poster does seem a bit humorous.

    Have a great day at school and know that we're still thinking of you--and living an Alaska adventure vicariously through your posts.

    Love, Aunt Kerry

  2. That would be "Alaskan"--can't have any errors :)


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