Thursday, July 21, 2011

Email from 7/18/11

Dear Family,

I'm glad to hear how great the week went, but sorry the hike didn't work out -I'm sure ice cream and golfing was a good backup plan, though.

"How Great Thou Art" was probably pretty incredible on violins - way to go. Is anybody doing a musical number when I come home? How often are you visiting the nursing homes? Yes-I think my talk went well-hopefully I sounded just like a missionary and you could just feel my enthusiasm. I did overhear the stake president lean over to the bishop and say "you've got some great missionaries here, don't you?" and the response, "yeah, he was an AP". Even better, one of the priests said he actually paid attention, so I guess it was probably good.

I'll bet Delaney will have a lot of fun teaching Katie violin - how often are her lessons going to be? Way to go on rocking your AP tests, also! Good choice getting AP Research into your schedule. Are you going to be able to graduate from high school with a college degree? You've probably got a lot of it out of the way by now...

Bro. Horn (as it turns out, there is no "E" on the end of his name) is still looking good to get baptized at the end of the month - he's making friends in the ward like crazy and is committed to getting baptized. Unless he's on probation or parole, it looks like that will probably work out. Bro. Hall has been really busy lately trying to become a foster parent, going to school online, and working on familial issues, so we haven't seen much of him recently. His baptism will need to be moved back.

I'm doing great over all, loving the area, the work, the investigators, the ward, the gospel, the food, the weather, Elder Barlow, and everything else about being a missionary.

Elder Matthew Smith