Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7th email


My week went pretty well. Sounds like yours was exciting. The Nativity scene would be cool to see. I hear they have something like that in Kirtland around this time of year. Hopefully we'll be able to see it. fun without a furnace. Just think of how the animals feel. The Spanish speaking missionaries were in the same boat as you a couple weeks ago-they moved into a new place and the gas wasn't turned on for the first 4 days. They ended up just coming to our apartment every morning to shower instead of freezing.

Those angel stories are a good idea. It really is cool that we have the opportunity to be the answers to other people's prayers if we just pay attention to them and to the promptings of the Spirit. That sounds like it was really inspirational. If you had a Christmas lesson this week, what are you going to talk about next week? Christmas again or just a normal lesson? Is there going to be a Christmas program in Sacrament? Our ward is going to have a Christmas program on the Sunday before Christmas-I think it's the 20th. We don't have a ward Choir, so a sign-up sheet was going around for people to sing. Of course I didn't sign up, but after Church Elder Cardenaz said that he had signed up both me and Elder Pickett, so I think I am going to be roped into it.

Yep, we got to watch the Christmas Devotional-it was broadcast to the church building. I loved the singing, and especially President Monson's story about the Christmas at Atlanta Airport. All the talks were great, though.

Tell Dallin congrats for me. Also, per Jason's questions, yes we have been mistaken for good guys, bad guys, ugly guys, FBI, Police, Family Services, Mafia, Dealers, you name it. Nobody else wears suits these days, I guess.

I'm glad the chicken is OK. Thats funny that you had to cuddle it to warm it up. Wouldn't it have been easier to just throw it in the oven? Or microwave? Just kidding. Was it stuck in the water and unable to get out?

Junior Jazz and being off-track should be fun. Tell me how that goes. Anything new and exciting with Delaney?

Unfortunately, Tim and Barbara couldn't come to church today. Bro. Branch (their awesome fellowshipper) called them in the morning and they said they couldn't make it. We have an appointment with them tomorrow so we'll put on our devastated faces and find out why.

Another one of our investigators, Destiny, came to church, though. It was really cool. There was this guy at church this week who is neither a member nor an investigator, but a self-proclaimed "man of the Holy Spirit from Greece" and he was making some interesting comments in Gospel Principles class. We were talking about the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit World and he made a comment to the effect that the Spirit World wasn't mentioned in the Bible and how we couldn't add to the scriptures. What was really cool was that Destiny - on her first visit to Church and only having been taught twice - turned around and told him off about how the Bible didn't contain ALL of the truth and that was why we had the Book of Mormon and continuing revelation. It was awesome.

I don't know exactly how we decide we're going to take someone to Kirtland, I think we just try to take everybody there. We would have a member drive us and the investigator to get there.

The weather has been cold, but thankfully dry. We are bundling up a lot before we venture outside. We don't ride bikes anymore-too cold for that now. I haven't bought any boots yet. I know I have to but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I don't like shopping.

It's probably better to still just send packages to the office. With transfers a couple days before Christmas, I might not be at the same apartment by the time packages arrive, and if I am still here, one of the office staff will probably call me to tell me it arrived and we can just go pick it up since the office is so close.

There's not anything I desperately need-the church takes good care of us. More thermals would be nice. Yeah, Elder Pickett gets lots of mail-his family seems to be on the ball too. You probably don't NEED to send him gifts, but if you did I'm sure he wouldn't say no to them.

Love, Elder Smith